Different Types of Drivers

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Drivers are the most used club in your bag of clubs as they help to get your ball further down the green. They come in various lengths and weights as well of different materials such as titanium, stainless steel and alloy.

Alloy Drivers

The alloy drivers are stainless steel shafts with club heads that are made from Ti Alloy. And, a great choice for beginners. The alloy clubs are more affordable than others and are used mostly for first courses.

Stainless Steel Drivers

Stainless steel drivers are heavier clubs and tend to be stronger. The club head is made of stainless steel as well and they are popular among golfers because they are great for balance and control.

Titanium Drivers

The shaft of the titanium driver is made from graphite and the club head is constructed from titanium. These clubs are light and used for increasing distance. For golfers that have low handicaps, they are a great choice.


Basic Soccer Rules

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occer is not a difficult game to understand as there are basic rules to follow that are not complicated. Soccer teams consist of 11 players each and one team plays another on a grass field. Each team has one goal keeper that is included as part of the 11 players. During the game each team has a total of seven players on the field. The field in which the game is played on is called a soccer pitch and is normally 100 yards long.

The positions of the players are defense, goalkeeper and forwards. Each team will select a captain for the team. The game will start by the captain calling a coin which the referee tosses. Whichever captain wins the toss is then allowed to choose what side of the field they would like to play on.

The games is played in two halves that last 45 minutes each although there can be additional time added to the clock due to injuries. Throughout the game the referee also has the power to issue yellow and red cards which are used to penalize player errors. For less serious errors made by players, yellow cards are used and for major errors mad by players reds cards are given out.